District 2 Initiatives

I am working to improve education for all students and your help is critical to the success of this mission. In fact, that is the motto for District 2. The only way that we can acheive that goal is by ensuring that we analyze the effects of our decisions on the sanctity of the classroom. The classroom is the sanctuary of education and it should be in the highest regard for that reason.

The decisions that we make related to the policies that guide the district must reflect the principles that we promote in the classroom. We must always work to convey diversity, equality, parental and community involvement, and efficiency, among our other core values.

My focus is to ensure that students are ready for school, provide them the the tools and support for academic success, and prepare them for a bright future. To that end, I have developed the School Board Member Dr. Bendross-Mindingall’s Education Expedition which creates the outline through which I will direct projects throughout the year. The Education Expedition will be most of all fun and creative.